1) Why online coaching?


Many people want to work with a trainer because they need the motivation, accountability and knowledge that typically come along with that investment. However, trainers can be expensive and aren't always available with everyone's time constraints. Online coaching provides an opportunity for you to work with a trainer you desire, regardless of geographic obstacles, provides a much more affordable avenue for many people, allows you to train under the tutelage of a qualified professional while still allowing the freedom to workout whenever and wherever you choose.


2) What are your qualifications?


I have several certifications from AFPA that include: Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Advanced Personal Trainer, Certified Nutrition & Wellness Consultant, Certified Sports Conditioning Specialist, and Certified Master Level Trainer. In addition to said certificates, I have personally lost just shy of 100lbs, trained to compete in powerlifting, helped clients lose into the thousands of pounds in more than a decade of experience, health & wellness director of the Tropical Wellness Center, recipient of Winter Park Health Foundation grants to provide wellness programs to the community and more.


3) What does your program look like?


Each personalized program will consist of some variation of resistance training, macronutrient intake, cardio recommendations, supplement recommendations and other pertinent resources.


4) What are macronutrients?


Macronutrients are carbohydrates, fats and proteins. Most everyone has heard of calories, but don't understand that calories are made up from macronutrients. We don't eat calories, we eat carbohydrates, fats and proteins.


5) How do I keep track of my macros?


There are numerous ways to track depending on your available tools. Everything from pen and paper to mobile applications make it easy for anyone from any background to track their food intake.


6) What is your sign?


I am an Aquarius. Just wanted to see if anyone actually reads these. Hahaha


7) Are your programs meant for the average person or the professional fitness model?


I specialize in the average everyday person, but can also cater to the individual looking for a more intense program. Wellness is for everyone, it just depends on what your goals are.


8) Will I need a gym membership?


This is a tricky question. This simplest answer is NO. However, depending on your goals you may find that a gym gives you more access to a more diversified array of equipment with fewer distractions.


9) Do you do meal plans?


NO. I don't believe in meal plans nor a stringent and non sustainable diet. How much you eat is substantially more important than what you eat. An ideal physique can be obtained while enjoying foods that are typically considered “bad”.


10) How quickly will I get results?


This really depends on how you define results and how closely you adhere to the program. Results should be viewed as how you feel, better sleep, clear mind, improved self esteem, inches lost, strength gained and not just numbers on a scale. In addition, the more work you put in and the more closely you adhere to the program the better your results will be.