Lisah M.

I'm officially 32lbs lighter, thank you so much. I couldn't have done it without you. 28 more to go

Carissa G.

I feel better and stronger every day. Through Trinity's program and long distance support I have gotten results I never thought I would

Rhonda L.

Trinity gave me the tools I needed to change my life

Terrence G.

I've never been able to gain lean muscle on my own. Thanks to Trinity's workout plan, dietary recommendations and suggested supplements I was able to maximize my results and went from 180lbs to 205lbs

Kathy P.

After implementing Trinity's plan I have lost 30lbs, 4 inches as well as lowered blood pressure medication and got rid of my type 2 Diabetes


Laverne S.

After 4 months on the program, I can proudly say that I feel healthier, look better and my energy level is much higher. I have lost 25lbs, 3 dress sizes and plan on continuing that trend using the knowledge that I gained through this experience

James M.

I am a cancer patient and during my treatment sessions I have never lost my strength, energy or appetite. I credit my success to Trinity's knowledge and exercise program he put me on

Clarence G.


After 3 months of working with Trinity I lost 30lbs, doubled by bench press max and my heart condition improved. By implementing the changes Trinity recommended I was able to avoid heart surgery

Christine O.

Trinity is knowledgeable not just in the physical aspects of exercise, but also in nutrition and overall needs of the body to achieve optimum well-being

Amy C.

From designing a workout/eating plan, to spending the time to listen to what you say and help you find out why you have not been successful in the past, if you are looking for the total package and a lifestyle of health & fitness you are in the right place

Patty G.

As a 50 plus female I didn't think I could do the training I have; losing weight & inches, gaining strength/energy; feeling so much better

Erika N.

Trinity helped me to change my mentality about my health and I learned it's about more than weight loss. It's about loving myself enough to put my well-being first

Kathy D.

Trinity has the capability of pushing you to your limits without you even realizing you're there

Christine O.

Trinity tailors the fitness/life regimen to each client specifically and gathers a great deal of information before developing each client's exercise and nutrition plan. He is very committed to health and wellness himself, and his desire to help others achieve the same success he has had in meeting his fitness goals is very evident